Retro Spec: The Chevrolet Nova

DREAMGOATINC. “1974 Chevy Nova Dreamgoatinc Hot Rod Classic

I don’t know if you could call it an unsung hero, but this classic was seen more of the “Small fry” at the drag strip…. until it beat everything else there. The Nova wasn’t famous really for coming from the factory able to show everyone its tail lights. It did however, provide a light weight, simple car with an ability to adapt to anything in GM’s arsenal.

The Chevy II (’62-’65)

The first gen Chevrolet II was introduced after the wild Corvair failed to outsell the rather tame Ford Falcon. Really, it was almost a direct copy of fords design. Chevrolet left their dreams of European Grandeur aside, for more simple, straight forward competition. Monkey see monkey do. GM offered a good amount of engines; from a 153ci 4 Cylinder, to the 250ci Inline 6.

The Chevy II (’66-’67)

The second gen Chevy II still only had the Nova as a trim level, but by this time it had grown up a bit. Its jawline squared. GM decided to officially supported the 289 and 327. Even seen as the baby Chevelle, and taking quite a hit on sales from its bigger brother, the recycled platform still maintained to be one of Chevrolet’s best sellers.

The Nova (’68-’71)

Really, the third gen is the star of the the show. V8’s were the name of the game this time around; but the big blocks were being offered this time around, all the way up to the 427. No 454 though, they couldn’t have little brother faster than big brother Chevelle. 9 Transmission offerings as well. Yeah, it was ugly, but it was ALWAYS there, next to you at the red light, ready to take you to dinner at Gapplebee’s.

The Later Years (’72-’88)

As life always does, your teenage years pass you by, the government says you can’t use “ToO mUcH gAs” anymore, so your forced to calm down a bit. The Nova joined the II’s original purpose and returned to the cheap, comfortable get-around from yesteryear. After a small hiatus in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Nova returned after spending some time in Japan with its follow up album that sounds strangely like the Corolla’s.

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