Utes for the People

“1962 Ford Ranchero” by Darren Brown published under CC2.0

Is it a car? Is it a truck? It’s kind of both, maybe a muscle car, but sometimes an economy car. I dunno. The Aussies sure like them, though.

Subaru Brat

They were… pretty terrible. BUT, they were cool, and that is what mattered really at this price point. Subaru had a rough start in the states compared to the rest of the Japanese line up, but they made up for it by being weird? Seats in the back? Sure. Seatbelts? Nope. The awesome cloth interior and kidney bashing rumble seats really took the spotlight away from that wet breadstick of a gear box.

Dodge Rampage

Ford Ranchero

Holden… Everything.

If you want a car with a bed on it, the Australians have you. Holden has been doing utes since the 50’s and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. My favorite is the Maloo. Imagine a 2000’s Pontiac GTO, supercharged to hell and actually reliable? Say goodbye to your tire tread.

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