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We are really excited at www.thecruise-in.com. We’ve spent lots of time creating a platform to bring the classic car community together and we are finally ready to launch!

We are an online cruise-in. And we have lot’s of things to do:

The Cruise-In Blog

We have two blogs, Our home page has a blog that will soon be updated daily with the best classic car content we can find on the internet. We sort through countless videos and images so you can come here and see the most interesting.

The Open Road Member Blog

The Open Road blog will be created by you! Any member of the site can become a contributor. Create a gallery of pictures from a restoration you did, or pictures from a car show or event. Create a gallery about anything other car guys would like to see and share it on The Open Road with our entire community.

Social Network

Sign up (100% free) and gain access to our social network. It has most of the features of Facebook, with connections, a wall and timeline, but also automotive only pages.

Your Garage

On your personal profile you have a Cars page, a Projects page and a Garage page. The Cars page lets you showcase each of your cars, The Projects page is a place to share with your connections your current automotive projects. Discuss them, seek advice or just show off! There is also a Garage page to let your buddies see where the magic happens.


We also have classic car centered activities like The Hunt and The Bucket List. The Hunt is an online scavenger hunt that makes going to cruise-ins and car shows much more interesting. We list out specific vehicles and it’s your job to find each of them in the real world. Go on the hunt alone, or compete against your buddies to see who finds all of the cars first. And The Bucket List challenges you to perform certain classic car activities in the real world. We recommend you get together a Pack and work your way through the bucket list together, one item per month. It’s basically a catalyst to get you to do fun classic car activities. After completing the list you will have more fully experienced our classic car culture.


You can join or form Car Clubs and Packs. Each of these pages is like a group you might find on a certain other social network. The Car Club page is for real world official car clubs. This is a place to manage, communicate with, recruit new members and hang out with your car club. You can communicate through your clubs wall, or you can create club only forums and discuss any topic. You can also plan out and manage events like car shows, you can manage meetings on the meetings page, listing minutes and action items. You can even upload your clubs budget and other documents to share with your entire club. We want The Cruise-In to be the go to home for managing your Car Club.

Along with Car Clubs we have Packs. Think a pack of motorcycles, or a pack of Mustangs or Camaros. The Pack pages have the same functions as the Car Club pages but they are less formal. Search the site for other enthusiasts that own the same vehicle as you, create a Pack and share your experiences, share advice and also, just create a new group of car buddies!


One of our main purposes is to make it possible to search for any vehicle make and model and find a large list of people with the same car as you. From there you can connect, forming friendships, clubs, packs or forums and come together through your shared love of your favorite car. Right now we are just launching so there are not many on the site yet, but help us build our community by telling your friends, sharing on social media and visiting every day- and soon we will be a thriving classic car community online.

A Community

We want to be your online home for classic car content, information, entertainment and most importantly, community. Help us build the most awesome community on the web.

As mentioned, we are just getting started, so if you come across any technical issues that need addressed please let us know. And if you have any ideas or suggestions for making the site better, we would love to hear them.

Thank you for visiting and Welcome to The Cruise-in!

Featured Image on Home Page & this page via Flickr by massivekontent CC BY 2.0 /text was added to image

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